Good Riddance, 2020!

Good Riddance, 2020

Not sure how to start this annual year-ender because I honestly don’t know what to write and 2020, so far, has been…not really uneventful, in fact, so many (unpleasant) things happened that I don’t even know where to start or if I even want to talk about them.

But since this has been my tradition already since 2013, I’ll just force myself to write anything so I’m pretty sure this  year end report will be pretty boring because I’m not in the mood to write.

But come to think of it,  just making it to December 2020 and being able to write this is  a reason alone to celebrate and an achievement already considering that the year 2020 has really been all about survival.

This is just pretty damn quick so read on!


Last Hurrah in La Union

This was literally our last out of town trip before the pandemic. This was around first week of February. There was already a confirmed case that time but lockdown was not imposed until March. Little did we know, everything will change by March.

San Juan La Union
Beautiful Sunset in San Juan, La Union. Who would have thought this would be our last leisure trip before lockdown.
El Union Coffee
I love El Union Coffee

Learned Filipino Sign Language

I’ve always wanted to learn FSL since 2014 but never had the time to do so.  Good thing Philippine Accessible Disability Services Inc. – PADS offered a 3-week FSL Learning Program. I want to continue to Level 2 but unfortunately that didn’t push through. Maybe next time.

I’m just so happy to finally able to communicate (somehow) with our Deaf brothers and sisters and also learn to sign one of my favorite Ben & Ben songs “Leaves”.

Filipino Sign Language
My FSL Classmates. That’s the sign for I Love You.

Filipino Sign Language Course


Volunteer Work

I need something to keep me sane and keep my mind busy while in lockdown. So aside from my full time work, sideline job, and Filipino Sign Language class, I also volunteered at DCTx, the creator of RapidPass, TraceCovid, FLAG Express, Relief Agad, etc.I just need to be busy so I can keep my mind off what’s happening around me.


A breath of fresh air in Cavinti

Although we are all stuck at home, either working, studying, procrastinating or doing nothing, this pandemic is making us more burnt out. Thus, going on a long drive to Cavinti, Laguna. Taking off our masks while outside (of course we still practiced physical distancing from other guests and staff) and admiring nature is already considered a luxury considering that not all (seniors and kids) have the privilege to go out.

But we seriously need a break. I really need a break. I need to somehow feel normal again while outside and a quick respite is what I really need to sustain me after being in lockdown for so many months. So off we went to The Bloc Campsite just to have a sense of normalcy.

Bloc Campsite
A gloomy afternoon at The Bloc Campsite
bloc campsite
The one on the left side was our tiny house cabin
Bloc Campsite
Just woke up. Hello to the Siamese Cat


Let’s now review my 2020 Blueprint and see if I was able to accomplish anything.

  • Learn how to drive. – I was supposed to take a driving lesson already last January but Taal Volcano erupted and we were all shaken by that, and then COVID-19 happened, then the lockdown, and the rest was history.
  • Save. – Hmmm…because I wasn’t able to travel that much, I can say that I was able to save a little despite the fact that there were also additional finances.
  • Hmmm…I seriously don’t have any plans. Sorry. – Good thing I did not plan much lest I’ll be so disheartened.


Because of what happened this 2020, I’m not sure if I should still put something here. But I need something to look forward to. We all need something to look forward to so we can keep on moving. So…

  • Learn how to drive. I really hope this pandemic ends soon so I can go to a driving school because for sure I will be eaten alive by zombies if I still don’t know how to drive. Watch “Train to Busan: Peninsula” so you’d know the reference.
  • Travel. I booked two domestic travels for 2021 so I’m really hoping that everything will be okay by then. I want to go back to Japan but international travel is kinda’ far off the field right now.
  • Fix some parts of my house in Laguna. Prepare for more rainy days.
  • Finish at least 2-3 travel guides. I think I was able to finish two for 2020 (My Seoul Travel Guide is almost done).


Let’s go our separate ways, 2020.

Hello, 2021, please be good.

2021 year of the ox