Skydive Greater Cebu: Things You Need To Know Before Skydiving

So, you’ve been mustering enough courage for years already to take the ultimate plunge of your life. You have seen countless skydiving videos on YouTube and read several jump experiences that finally convinced (or not?) you to take that jump of a lifetime. Congrats to you, you’re already a step closer in conquering you’re fear! 🙂 But before you go and jump off that plane, below are few things to keep in mind first to make your first skydiving experience SAFE and FUN.

NOTE: We had our first skydiving experience with SkyDive Greater Cebu in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu so price and experience in general may vary from other skydiving operators.



Price: Php18,000 per jump (tandem jump)
Age Requirement: 18 years old and above
Weight Requirement: 250lbs. If you fall between the 230-250lbs weight range there’s an additional $25 charge
Altitude: 10,000 feet
Duration: 20-25 minutes. Ascend of plane takes about 15-20 minutes, free fall about 45 seconds, then 4-5 minutes with the parachute
Inclusion: Photos, edited and raw videos, soft copy of the skydiving certificate
Contact Skydive Greater Cebu:


BOOK EARLY. Make your reservations ahead of time. Skydiving is probably on almost everyone’s bucket list so it isn’t surprising anymore that skydiving operators are always fully booked, especially during summer season.

skydive greater cebu
Inside the small plane

CHECK ACCUWEATHER. Make sure to check the weather before you book for a jump. Skydiving is not allowed when it’s raining, not only it’s dangerous, you won’t actually enjoy the view when it’s raining or even drizzling. That being said, be sure to check the hourly weather forecast to avoid any delays or cancellations. Best to book during summer and preferably schedule your jump in the morning so you still have the rest of the day to wait should there be any delays due to unforeseen weather disturbances.

skydive greater cebu
View before jump

DRESS FOR COMFORT. You’re going to wear lots of harness all over your body so make sure you’re also wearing comfortable clothes. You wouldn’t want any wedgie or wardrobe malfunctions when you’re already up in the sky, would you? Best to wear closed shoes like sneakers with laces securely tied during the dive. Flipflops, heels and other open toe shoes are not advisable.

Skydive greater cebu
I’m so excited. Is there something wrong with me when I say I’m not afraid at all?

For Ladies: Best to wear shorts (not too short), pants and leggings (be sure it’s thick enough or you might bruise your butt during landing). Shirts are advisable and PLEASE, do wear sports bra because it is very UNFLATTERING on the photo and video, especially if you’re top heavy.

For Gents: Shorts, pants and shirts. Anything is okay but no tight bottom please.

NOTE: It’s freezing up there so the skydiving operator will provide a long sleeve shirt for you or you can opt to bring your own.

READ BEFORE SIGNING THE WAIVER. No matter how long it maybe, READ! Remember, your life is at stake here. o_0

Read before you sign the waiver

LEAVE YOUR GADGETS. Bringing any kind of documentation equipment, even if it’s a GoPro, is strictly prohibited during skydiving. Don’t worry, aside from keeping you safe, one of the tasks of your diving instructor is to capture memories. Thus, leave the taking of photos and videos to him. If you brought your own camera, you can ask one of the staff to document the take off and landing for you.

skydiving in cebu
Just landed! Thanks, Terry. 🙂

PRACTICE YOUR SMILE. You must have seen several picture perfect smiles and awesome shots of people while skydiving. Well, truth is, that’s probably their BEST shot out of their hundred photos up there. More often than not, majority of your photos will show you with flappy cheeks and chipmunk face, especially during the free fall, which, ironically, is the best part. =/ A take two jump isn’t a bad idea at all if you want to master the art of posing for the camera while diving, but it sure is bad for your budget. Hehehe. =D


Ok! Not my best shot I know. Hahaha!
Ok! Not my best shot I know. So please practice your smile if you can. Hahaha!

ENJOY! This is the most important part of the whole experience and the mission of your skydiving instructor. Leave your fears behind and enjoy the plunge. Open your eyes and marvel at the beauty of the Earth, after all, that might be the last time you’ll ever see it again. JUST KIDDING!!!

skydiving in cebu
We now have parachute. This is the boring part


AND HERE’s THE EDITED VIDEO FROM SKYDIVE GREATER CEBU. We edited it a little to shorten it. Original video’s length is more than 3 minutes. =)