Flashback 2014: A Year in Review

So it’s almost 2015 and here I am rushing this article just so I can post it before 2014 comes to an end.

I know many things happened this year but I can’t really pinpoint the highlights of my year. Maybe because up until the last few hours of 2014 I’m very busy that I forgot to stop, ponder and look back.

Anyway, in no particular order, lo and behold my 2014 highlights. ^_^


My House’s Loft. Last year I posted the blue print of my house’s loft. Now it has finally come true! I spent most of my savings here and I did not regret anything. Maybe I just need a little more time for my house so I can properly decorate all the white, bare walls. Aside from my favorite travel quote wall decal, I have a world map decal that’s still waiting to be installed.


Explorations. I must say that I really tried hard to limit my travel for 2014. If you will notice, my last personal travel was July 2014. If you only knew how hard I tried to fight the temptation. Hehehe

– Baguio. My family and I spent the first few days of 2014 in Baguio. ’Twas a happy one since after so many years, the whole family are back in Baguio again. I know I’ve been to Baguio countless times already but going there with the whole family spells the difference and why it’s so special.


– Boracay x2. I must admit that I was never a Boracay fan. In fact, I’d rather go to unheard beaches in the Philippines than to spend summer in this place they call paradise. But because of Liz’s prodding, I finally gave in. I actually did not regret going to Boracay, it’s true that the sand is so fine but yes, it’s very commercialized. I’m not a party girl so I won’t give Boracay’s nightlife a special mention, but the experience of walking wherever you want to go while wearing whatever you want to wear is very liberating, unlike in any other beaches in the Philippines. And hey, I went to Boracay twice, first with Liz in March and second was with the team in July. =) Maybe I’ll be back again, though not very soon. I still love Coron, Palawan.


– Davao. Went to Davao with Liz and Hazel for Acey’s wedding last April. And since we’re already there, we did not miss the chance to go to Samal Island. IMO, the beach is not really that nice and it’s swarming with people. Not really a great place to stay if you want to be relaxed.


– Bangkok and Siem Reap. The highlight of my 2014 exploration is our trip to Bangkok and Siem Reap. Our 8-day trip to these parts of the Indochinese Peninsula is nothing but fun and liberating. This is actually Liz and I’s first time to visit two countries in just one trip. Our stay in Siem Reap was probably one of our laid-back trips. We really tried to do what the locals do and blend with them. I especially love our biking adventures and I would like to note that I never get tired of eating morning glory (kangkong) almost everyday. Hahaha! Next target are the remaining parts of Indochina that we haven’t visited yet, Myanmar and Laos. =)


– Nurture Spa, Tagaytay. It’s  one of my dreams to go to Nurture Spa and have a massage there. Massage is very pricey at Nurture so I need a special occasion so I can convince myself to spend Php10,000 for an overnight stay with free massage. Hehehe.


Hello, AirBnB. I consider this as one of my 2014 highlights because I realized that I’ve become more of a traveler ever since I started maximizing Airbnb. I am familiar with this vacation rental for years already but I only got to appreciate it this 2014. In fact, we have already booked 3 condominium units via Airbnb in just a year. The 4th one will be in Osaka, Japan next year. I realized that hosting my own place via Airbnb is a great way to earn money and meet fellow travelers. This is actually the next closest thing to my dream Bed and Breakfast business like Jeju Island’s Yeha Guesthouse. Thus…do watch out! Hahaha. I am not yet in the position to reveal it. ^_^


Met Mitch Albom. I love Mitch Albom. He’s one of my favorite authors aside from Sophie Kinsella and Paulo Coelho so I will forever be indebted to Nines for letting me come with her during her interview with Mitch. Bonus: He signed my favorite “Tuesdays With Morrie”.


More Travel Articles. Seeing my byline in a travel article is already enough to bring me happiness. So thanks to Peanut and Looloo website for picking me as one of your writers. I feel so overwhelmed whenever people comment or say nice things about my articles. Here’s to more travel articles next year!


Now let’s recap first my 2014 Blueprint and see If I accomplished my goals.


* I will target the first quarter of the year for the construction of my loft. (Construction of my loft started and finished last March 2014. So yeah, that’s still part of the first quarter. Weee!)

* I will learn how to drive. ( To be fair to myself, I tried to learn how to drive. In fact, I already drove Hachi for a few meters already. Hahaha. Unfortunately, I got muscle strain in my left arm last November (until now) so I ceased practicing)

* I will try to advance my loan payment in PAGIBIG to reduce the interest. (I’m so sad I wasn’t able to do this. I am preparing for the expenses of our Japan trip next year.)

* I will try to finish my books that are now covered with dust. =/ (Nope! Not yet finished. But I was able to buy Mitch Albom’s “First Phone Call From Heaven” and finished it as fast as I could.)

* I will SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. (I was able to save but again, the money is allotted for our Japan trip.)



– I will travel diet AGAIN. I already did this in 2009 and ’twas a success. I hate to think about it but I need to so I can pay my PAGIBIG loan in advance.

– I will try to be fit. More exercises for me. If budget permits, I will go to the gym with Liz

– Extra space in my lot needs to be cemented and gate needs to be fixed.


THANK YOU 2014, CHEERS to 2015!

Hoping you’ll be good to all of us…