2015 Throwback: Re-Rewind!

So… 2015 is almost over and I can’t actually comprehend what I’m feeling right now. Maybe because I’m just so tired and sleepy while writing this entry, or for whatever reason, I don’t know.

2015 has been a good a year to me. It has been a roller coaster ride but I’m glad that I survived the ups, downs, twists and turns until the end. And without beating around the bushes, let’s walk down memory lane as we rewind the year that was.


Saw the Pope. Started 2015 right by braving the weather and crowd just to see Pope Francis. It’s actually my first time to see the Pope. When Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines for the World Youth Day in 1995 I was still in elementary so needless to say, I wasn’t able to go to Luneta to witness that historic event. Thus, when I learned that the cute and bubbly Pope Francis will visit Manila, I was so ecstatic and told myself that I need to see him no matter what. To cut the story short, Liz and I waited for 8 hours under the rain along Roxas Boulevard to catch a glimpse of His Holiness, and I swear that less than 5-second encounter was…I can’t explain. The feeling was inexplicable, I’m just happy and everything’s worth it. The 6km walk, hunger and fatigue while waiting for 8 hours under the rain completely faded away as soon as we saw Pope Francis. Love this Pope to bits. =D



Beauty and The Beast. One of my favorite Disney cartoons staged here in Manila and as what’s expected, I was very elated and did not miss the chance to see Beauty and Beast up close and personal. Although our ticket to the “Phantom of The Opera” is more costly (nearer the stage) than “Beauty and the Beast”, I was still very happy because we were able to take a photo with Hillary Maiberger (Beauty) and Darick Pead (Beast) when we went at the CCP stage door. ^_^


Japan Trip. I consider our Japan trip the highlight of my 2015. I so love Japan that I want to go back again to the Land of The Rising Sun the soonest time possible. If only I could just spend all my savings for another trip I would. I love their culture, the people, how cute their stuff are and I LOVE THE SNOW!


Fixed The Garage. Costly? Yes! Needed? Yes too! Glad that I was able to save few bucks to have the garage and dirty kitchen cemented.


CARAGA Tour. After fulfilling my MRO duties for the newly opened Negosyo Center in Surigao City, Liz, John and I decided to visit the other provinces of CARAGA. We visited Butuan City and Surigao del Sur not only to see the Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls but to also meet with my CAFIU friends, Cong, Lawrence Fortun and BM Grace Lim. ‘Twas a fun and exciting trip. Special thanks also goes to Edward (our intern) and his family for touring us. =D



Hit the Gym. My first time to workout in a gym! Liz and I enrolled at Gold’s Gym for a few months and…to be fair to us, I’d like to think that Liz lost some weight and my dream of getting a toned body is close to becoming a reality already…only that we stopped because going to the gym with a personal trainer is VERY COSTLY! >.< But to be honest, I LOVE IT! Love the crossfit workouts!


Pre-Campaign. Campaign period has not yet officially started but as early as October 2015, we have been visiting several places already to introduce our candidate. If you have been religiously following my Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’d notice that aside from Sen. Bam, I am also helping Cong. Leni and my former boss, Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, for their 2016 run.


Now, let’s recap my 2015 blueprint and see if I hit my goals

– I will travel diet AGAIN. I already did this in 2009 and ’twas a success. I hate to think about it but I need to so I can pay my PAGIBIG loan in advance. (As you can see, we only visited Japan. The CARAGA tour just happened because I went to Surigao for work. So yes, I really did travel diet although my feet are already itching to ride the plane off to somewhere I’ve never been before . So, will I pay my PAGIBIG loan advance? Well…I thought of another way to do the lump sum payment, but YES, I still plan to do that, January maybe.

– I will try to be fit. More exercises for me. If budget permits, I will go to the gym with Liz (As mentioned above, I did and it broke my budget =/ )

– Extra space in my lot needs to be cemented and gate needs to be fixed. (Gate was fixed and extra space was cemented with gray tiles and small pebbles.)



– Get a loan from GSIS to pay my PAGIBIG housing loan in full.

– Sink in the bathroom is broken, this needs to be fixed including the rain shower.

– Travel alone. Domestic or international, I just need to cross this out of my bucket list.


Thank you, 2015! BRING IT ON, 2016!

Happy Year of the Monkey!