2022 Recap

Two more sleeps to go and it’s already 2023! I can’t say that I am excited because honestly, new year doesn’t really excite me at all because it just means I’m about to get old again. 😂

2022 has been a very busy year for me despite not being too much involved in the 2022 national campaign anymore. But anyway, here you go!



For the first time since 2010, I was not directly involved in the campaign anymore. Feels a little weird, a little FOMO, but I must say I just saved myself from so much tears and heart ache again, because like in 2019, the electorate failed me, failed the Philippines…again. Now I’m more jaded.

However, even though I was not fully immersed in the 2022 campaign, I was still happy that I got to attend three big rallies in Metro Manila and got to volunteer as well. I think it’s good enough for now. ๐Ÿ™‚


Pasig Rally
Pasay Rally
Makati Rally and Miting de Avance



Bohol. Been to Bohol a couple of times already but this this time, I traveled all alone and booked a dorm room just to give it a try. However, no one checked in during my stay so I still had the room with four bunk beds all to myself. Hahaha. Did not book a beach front either so I can force myself to walk here and there, which I did. Feels good to have no itinerary at all.

Bohol Beach Club. I did not stay here, just went for a stroll and quick dip


La Union. My third time in La Union, but whatever! Failed to get a proper sunset because it always rains in the afternoon. Tried The Attic Room, a co-working space right in the middle of the Elyu frenzy because I still need to do some proper work and I also want to try it.


El Union. My go-to place when in La Union
View from The Attic Room
My favorite Summer Day and Funky Monkey smoothie bowls at Seabuds La Union


EL Nido. First time here and I don’t want to be hassled by the long road trip from Puerto Princesa so we took AirSwift instead. It was a pretty chill trip, because that’s my thing already nowadays. I’m so old. Hahaha!ย  I must say El Nido is a pretty nice island, but trike ride was just so expensive!

This beach is just located in the city and where island tours usually starts
Sunset at Lio Beach. This place is just near the airport, hence the presence of the plane
Kayaking at Big Lagoon. It was raining half of our tour.

Turn over of my unit. Another dream come true, I finally have my own condo! It’s still under bank mortgage though so I need to work my ass off to pay for it. Purchased my unit at Brixton Place last 2019, and coincidentally, it’s just a 10 minute walk from where I am currently working. The advantage of living near your workplace is really better as one gets older. Hahaha!

Still in the process of furnishing



After two years of trying to steer clear of Covid, I got it last October! Good thing it was just a mild one. Just got body aches and colds. But all in all, I’m good. It just lasted for 7 days.

+ no doubt!


Just because I’m in a new place. Hahaha! Don’t get me wrong, of course I won’t go around getting tattoos in every new places I visit. This is probably the last or second to the last tattoo I’ll get. ๐Ÿ˜€

Got my tattoo at Oz El Nido


Letโ€™s now review my 2022 Blueprint and see if I was able to accomplish anything

  • Learn how to drive. I did! Enrolled at Smart Driving School last May but I still don’t have a license because I’m too busy to get one and I still need to practice again. Hahaha!
  • Pay out my car loan. I did!
  • Read more books. Ummm…sorry
  • More travel guides. I’ll be able to publish my third article or travel guide before 2023. Naihabol! Hahaha!



  • Get my drivers license. Promise I’ll practice again!
  • Save up for Japan. Hopefully! I miss Japan already. Huhuhu. =(
  • Read more books. I hope I can start this coming Holy week
  • More travel guides. I still have 5 travel guides, more or less


Thank you, 2022. Be nice 2023!

2023 is Year of the Water Rabbit