BGC Hostel: A Cozy and Laidback Hostel in the Busy Makati

Tucked in a narrow street in Makati, this unassuming hostel, away from the radar of most travelers and backpackers, is definitely a sweet surprise amidst the sprouting of different boutiques and themed hostels to meet the ever-changing and discriminating taste of people.

BGC HostelIf you are looking for a hostel with the Makati Avenue and P. Burgos vibe, then you’re in for a big disappointment because BGC Hostel is actually located in the more laidback part of Makati and as the name implies, nearer the posh Fort Bonifacio Global City. Just to be clear though, BGC Hostel is not very near The Fort but it’s quite near that it’s just a 5-minute drive from the hostel. If you love walking, especially with the rise of Pokemon Go in the Philippines, then you might consider strolling, especially now that I heard there are lots of Pokemons and Pokestops around BGC. Just be wary of your surroundings though. ^_^

Going inside BGC Hostel is like entering into a different kind of world, a world far from the gray and teal façade of the building. Upon checking in, you will be welcomed with a smile by their friendly receptionist and a glass of mango puree. Their colorful and cozy lounge area reminds me so much of the guesthouse where we stayed in Jeju Island, South Korea. Not sure if what’s really the theme of the hostel because it’s super colorful like the Korean style guest houses but it also has lots of vintage stuff around.

BGC Hostel

BGC Hostel
Upon entering BGC Hostel, don’t forget to look up and you’ll see these awesome pendant lamps!

If you’re the type of person who always need to post something on Instagram everyday, then you’ll never run out of stuff to photograph at BGC Hostel. Their instagram worthy walls and pieces never fail to entertain guests, and despite having the vintagey and Korean feel of the hostel, I love how they try to incorporate and promote Philippine Tourism in their theme. Their expression or freedom wall will also keep you busy — talk about reading cute, fun and hugot notes from other people. =D

BGC Hostel

BGC Hostel

During our stay, all the rooms with the bunk beds are full so we weren’t able to take any photo to respect other people’s privacy. But compared to other hostels with capsule rooms, their bunk beds sure look comfy and more private because of the kind of curtain they used to cover each bed.

BGC Hostel
Stairs going to the 2nd floor. The partly hidden blue door is the restroom for the private room in the 2nd floor

BGC Hostel has 7 rooms with bunk beds and 1 room with double bed. All of the rooms has its own toilet and bath, except for the private room where you still have to go down if you wish to go the restroom. =( Aside from the lounge at the first floor, the 2nd floor of the hostel also has its own cute lounge where guests usually stay to access the internet. Wi-Fi is free and speed is pretty decent too.

BGC Hostel
Cute, cozy lounge at the 2nd floor. The Green door is the only private room in BGC Hostel

During our overnight stay, we were informed that all the rooms with bunk beds are already occupied for a month or more. Surprisingly, some companies rent a room for their employees. Nice!

BGC Hostel is actually a nice place to stay if you need a place to crash in for night or two, not unless your company will sponsor a dorm room for you and your colleagues for a month. I bet that would be really great. ^_^ The hostel is very near EDSA so getting a ride won’t be that hard if you are a commuter. Only downside of the place is if you have a car because there’s very limited parking and the side street is even occupied by other cars.

BGC Hostel
Workplace for guests and tenants. You’re free to use their computers. Oh and look, there’s a coffee vendo machine. Perfect if you are trying to burn the midnight oil



  • WIFI Anywhere
  • Locker for the dorm rooms
  • Board Games
  • Guitar
  • Fully Air-conditioned Rooms
  • 24/7 Security Plus CCTV
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Visitor’s Lounge
  • Internet Cafe
  • Hot & Cold Water
  • Shuttle Service (with applicable fee)
  • Utility Slipper
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron
  • Playing Cards
  • Television Set (at the ground floor)


BGC Hostel
View from the 2nd floor. Can you see the cars parked on the side street?

ROOMS : Total of 7 rooms

Ground floor 3 rooms (1-4 beds, 2-8 beds dorm type bed with connecting door)
2nd floor-4 rooms (1-private room, 1-8 beds, 2- 12 beds dorm type bed)

BGC Hostel room
Photo Credit: BGC Hostel


BGC Hostel Room
Photo Credit: BGC Hostel

RATE: Php499 per night for the bunk bed,

Php998 per night for the private room