How to Apply for a New Zealand Visitor Visa

If you are a fan of The Lord of The Rings or The Hobbiton, then most probably you have dreamt of visiting the cute and humble abode of Bilbo Baggins. The Misty Mountain never ceases to amaze you and you believe that the middle earth is probably the best place on Earth.

Contrary to what I was expecting, Applying for a New Zealand visitor visa is actually a breeze and is actually very affordable especially if you plan to visit for only a few days.  Below are the step-by-step guide on how to fulfil your middle earth fantasy so start saving up.

I. Fill out the Application form. Download the Visitor Visa Application form on the New Zealand Immigration Website. It’s form no. 1017.  I had a hard time locating the form on the website but the person from the New Zealand Embassy in Manila (hotline) was too kind to help me locate it.

The application form seems intimidating at first because it’s actually 16 pages. However, you are not required to answer all the pages (but be sure to print it and include when you pass the form), especially if it’s not applicable for you (spouse, children, medical certificate, immigration adviser, etc.). Just put NA on the questions instead of leaving them blank.

For any inquiries or clarifications, don’t hesitate to call 234-3800 or the New Zealand Immigration/Embassy in Manila. They are all very nice and always willing to help. Before deciding to apply for a visa, I actually contacted them for more than five times.


II. Gather your documents. There’s no specific

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